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Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Power of Gratitude

The power of gratitude will keep us motivated to do gratitude to god. There is no reason for a creature of God on this earth not to give thanks to God, even if he gets various hardships or lack of life.
Selected course we are born on this earth despite the various shortcomings of life, it is already a huge favor that God has given to us. Especially if we are given the pleasure in the form of Islam and faith, then there is no reason for us not to thank the Almighty God.
The power of gratitude shows how important gratitude for always done by the creature. The opposite of gratitude is kufr, the kufr where in hell, while the people they are thankful for such a wonderful gift heaven. Gratitude will be able to erase the pain of living in the world.
Gratitude will bring a servant feel the beauty of life, unlike the people of kufr who always felt tormented life.
There are a couple of the power of gratitude to be felt by the experts of gratitude, some of which are as follows:1. People who are grateful for the added pleasure of Allah SWT. This is the promise of God in the Qur'an, whoever thankful God will add more enjoyment to him, otherwise if someone is kufr, Allah promises a painful doom to those who do.
2. The power of gratitude is felt more by those who are grateful will feel the peace and happiness of life. Not busy thinking about what belongs to other people, to be happy with the gifts that God has given him.
People are always jealous giddy thinking about other people's property it will be susceptible to disease. People who are grateful in life to experience the tranquility of life and lead to physical health.
3. Gratitude will make the perpetrators effective in life. He will focus on what the purpose. Not busy taking care of other people, other people favors obtained does not make the expert gratitude envy or intend to have. He was living on her to what Allah has bestowed on him.
The power of gratitude spawned many more benefits in life for sipelakunya. The main thing is there is no burden of thinking that affect the health of a person.
Life will feel more happy, free range of problems both with the environment and society sosial.Orang who are grateful to be loved by Allah SWT. God's love for God will be proved with the addition of more blessings to those who are grateful. Gratitude is not easy to do, but each of us can work on that.
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