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Friday, February 8, 2013

Free Search Engine Optimization-SEO

Free Search Engine Optimization-SEO - Super-Bee has been a lot of posting your articles and how to create a blog on blogger, so I assume that you can create a blog and have a blog on blogger. Then I will discuss about search engine optimization or SEO abbreviated to. Maybe for those of you who are just starting blogging familiar with the phrase search engine optimization or SEO, which raised the question
What is SEO?

SEO is a technique or process to improve performance in order to have a site rank high on search engine results pages (SERP = Search Engine Results Page), which will maximize the traffic to the site, whether it is a static website or blog.

Having a blog is not enough without optimization blog into search engines like google, yahoo, bing and others. This means that the optimization of the blogs that we have to the various search engines I mentioned earlier, then our blog will become popular and have many visitors, this is what is expected for most bloggers including myself. But if your blog only contains curhatan place and only certain people are able to see, search engine optimization is not necessary to apply into your blog.

Many of the bloggers or web masters who have discussed about search engine optimization, with various techniques and ways. However, here I will explain based on my version, as I have learned and practiced. I do not dare To publish this article as I do not know and practicing search engine optimization techniques. Because it is tantamount to a lie To publish articles that are public and is mostly done by the bloggers who simply copy and paste an article about Why SEO from other bloggers without tau effect of seo technique itself.

I learned this from a source seo and its roots are from Google itself, and from various sites suggested by google. In addition, to supplement and complement my knowledge of SEO, I learned from various reliable sites that discuss search engine optimization or SEO whether from abroad or web sites from within the country. Thus I can conclude, SEO basically has 4 important parts as described below

1. Keyword Search and Determination (Keywords research)

Analyze popular keywords in a particular category in major search engines.
This process involves the identification of:His key words relevant to an object that we're headedCompetitors of the same object

2. Competitor Analysis (Competitor Analysis)

Research competitor's site for object similarity or keywords that we seek, this includes:Age websiteKey words of the site on search enginesThe title of the site, description and keywords are relevantQuality contentWeb site structure and designBacklink / external linking these sitesand much more.

3. On Page Optimization

As the name implies, this type contains SEO optimization techniques by modifying specific factors in a webpage / blog itself, On Page SEO include:
Url naming (choosing a domain name)SEO friendly page title (h1 tag)meta description (meta description tag web / blog)meta keywordsimage optimizationinternal links (links within the website or blog of interconnected or related)Sitemap.xml. (Map web site or blog)and much more

4. Off Page Optimization

Off page optimization basically consists of factors that are not on the web page / blog, but the algorithms used in search engines when determining the ranking of a site. According to Brad Callen of Bryxen Software, these factors such as:Quality link-building from other websites with good page rank and popularQuality of contentQuality articleFiling for online press release / articleand much more

For friends of Super-Bee who want to deepen and broaden the knowledge of search engine optimization or SEO, I will share ebooknya to you for free. Previously I tell free ebook about SEO is an explanation of google translated into Indonesian. So you do not hesitate, because it is also your SEO Ebook from google.
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